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For half a century, all the staff and students in ISEE carry forward the fine tradition of truth seeking and innovation, teaching quality and research level were continuously improved, and more than 10,000 senior technical talents got trained.


ISEE covers the areas of communication and networks, signal processing, physics electronics, circuits and systems, microelectronics and optoelectronics, electromagnetics and photonics, etc.


ISEE has the Research Institutes of Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Technology and Systems, Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, and Electronic Circuit and Information System, and ISEE gets ZJU Research Center for Microsatellite, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Integrated Information Network, Electromagnetics Academy at Zhejiang University, Center for Data Science and Engineering, and Center for RF and Nano systems. ISEE also has the National Integrated Circuit Training Base, ISEE Experimental Teaching Center, and ZJU Practice Base for Electronic Engineering.


In June 2015, the School of Microelectronics was established, and was run by the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering.


ISEE pays great attention to cooperation with local areas, relevant government departments, large and medium enterprises, and has established a sound scientific and technological cooperation with them. ISEE also recognize the value of creating innovative international programs, developing research collaborations, enhancing mobility, capacity building and leveraging new funding streams.