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ISEE Alumni in the Battle against NCP 2

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On January 26, on knowing that the domestic epidemic situation was extremely pessimistic, ISEE alumnus Shijie ZHAN, now studying at the Cambridge University,  organized the members of British Alumni Association of Zhejiang University to donate money and medical supplies. On January 29th, they officially launched an emergency fund-raising announcement.

Shijie ZHAN is now a member of British Alumni Association of ZJU

In order to make the donation work more open and transparent, the public account of the British Alumni Association of Zhejiang University updates the latest work progress every day. By February 13th, the Association had raised more than 47,000 pounds. In order to purchase more urgently needed materials, they ordered materials while raising funds. Members of several alumni associations and kind people from all walks of life have offered their help. Actually, 86,000 pounds have been spent to purchase the materials.

Zhan(third from right)and the Secretary General of the British Alumni Association Wu Lipei(third from left)with other members

Since February 5th, the materials raised and purchased by the British Alumni Association of ZJU have been distributed to China in three batches (2313 protective clothing and 268 goggles). The materials are mainly used to support hospitals in Hubei Province and Zhejiang Province.


Materials purchased by the Alumni Association will continue to be sent to domestic hospitals in batches. Although they encountered practical difficulties such a customs clearance audits, they were still very motivated. "What I have done is only a small contribution." said Zhan, "Now a lot of materials have been sent to the front line. I am very grateful to all the caring people and enthusiastic alumni who support, trust and help us, and we will not fail their trust!"