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Prof. Huiliang Shen's Team Won the National Science and Technology Progress Award

Editor: Date:2020-01-11 Hits:2


On January 10th, the project Key Technology and Industrialization of Textile Fabric Color Digitization won the second prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award, in which the team of Prof. Huiliang Shen deeply participated.


The long development period of traditional textile fabrics and the low degree of automation are in contradiction with the market demands for individualized, multi-colored and fast-delivery textile fabrics.


In this project, researchers developed an efficient fabric digital R & D and management cloud platform, by the self-developed multi-spectral imaging color measurement technology, which not only improved color consistency and accuracy of textile fabrics, but also greatly shortened the development cycle of color fabrics.


Prof. Shen has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in multispectral imaging, image processing, and computer vision. In recent years, Prof.Shen has published more than 50 academic papers in SCI, and authorized more than 10 national invention patents and US patents.


The awarded project is an innovative achievement of Prof.Shen in the information industry and the textile industry, which has been industrialized.