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M. Jamal deen, Chair Professor of ISEE, Elected as Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019

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Professor M. Jamal deen is a professor of McMaster University, senior Canada Research Chair in Information Technology, Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and former president of the Royal Academy of Sciences. In 2009, M. Jamal deen was employed as Chair professor of the College of Information and Telecommunications of Zhejiang University. Since then, he has cooperated with relevant professors of our institute, supervised one visiting scholar at McMaster University, and participated in national project application as well as local scientific research cooperation at Zhejiang University. Up till now, M. Jamal deen has jointly published 7 journal papers including SCL, scientific reports, EDL and other SCI papers. He also participated in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students in the college, with a total of 15 lectures.

Academician M. Jamal deen is one of the top scientists in the field of micro nano electronics in the world. His research direction includes micro nano electronics, bio optoelectronics, electronic device modeling and physics, integrated circuits, flexible electronic devices and so on. He has published 587 papers (20% invited), 58h-index in this field, and was cited more than 6800 times, published 18 professional books, in which including 16 keynotes, 65 invited papers, and successively served as the editor or editorial board of 24 international journals. M. Jamal deen's research achievements have been widely used in the industry, including widely used low-noise models, high-speed photodetectors and solid-state electronic sensor technology. At the same time, he is IEEE academician (2002), EIC academician (2003), APS academician (2004), ECS academician (2004), AAAs academician (2005), RSC academician (2006), CAE academician (2007), Inae academician and Na academician SI) academician of the Academy (2012), etc.