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ISEE Summer Scientific Research Program in Top American Universities

Editor: Date:2019-10-16 Hits:25

In the summer of 2019, 12 undergraduates from ISEE went to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), the University of Pittsburgh, the University of California (Davis) and the University of Missouri Science and Technology to participate in a three-month exchange project led by Professor Zhuo Cheng, Professor Wei Xingchang and Associate Professor Li Yubo.


Under the guidance of Professor UMichL. Jay Guo, six students carried out high degree of freedom inverse design of super-surface visible filter based on deep neural network and IV characteristic simulation of heterojunction device on silvaco. Another four students went to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory of University of Missouri Science and Technology to train on the reconstruction of noise source of memory radio frequency interference noise source based on Huygens principle and the new cross-talk suppression method based on oblique drilling technology. Two students in Davis Advanced RF Technologies Lab carried out the research on the application of machine learning in radio frequency fingerprint identification. And one student in Jingtong Hu's Lab, in University of Pittsburgh, carried out the scientific research of the MCU application of wireless communication.


Through this summer scientific research practice, students have gained a lot. In the experience of studying abroad, they have improved language proficiency and acquired life skills; in the communication and cooperation with researchers in the field, they have improved their professional knowledge, strengthened the practical ability and problem-solving ability, broadened their international horizon, and made a far-reaching step in the research career in the future.